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Q: When do I need to submit a Master Architectural Committee (MAC) form?
A: Any time you make changes to exterior of home including building and landscaping. Many changes will also require additional permits from the city. Make sure that all approvals and permits are obtained before work begins.

Q: The golf course property is not being well maintained, what can I do?
A: The CMR Country Club is not a member of the CMR-RCA, therefore the Board can only make requests. If you have complaints, contact the CMR Country Club directly. If no corrections are made, you can contact Neighborhood Code Compliance or complain to the councilmember for the fifth district. You can copy the Board on communications so we know what is happening, but there is little we can do.

Q: I have made a complaint to the property manager and yet nothing is being done. What should I do?
A: First, check with the management company. The process gives people significant time to correct problems before the CMRRCA can start fining people. Second, attend a monthly meeting where the full board is present.

Q: There is a dog in the neighborhood that is barking all the time. What can I do?
A: We ask the homeowner to contact the owner of the dog to let them know there is a problem. Often the owner is not home, so is not aware of the dog barking. If the problem continues, a written complaint must be sent to the management company and they will send a letter to the owner of the lot whose dog is barking. You can contact the San Diego Mediation Center at (619) 238-2400. If mediation is not successful, you can file a complaint with City of San Diego Neighborhood Code Compliance at (619) 236-5500.

Q: How can I report animals running loose in my neighborhood?
A: Call the San Diego County Department of Animal Control 24-hour emergency number, (619) 236-2341, to report incidents involving animals that threaten public health and safety. For lost or found animals that do not pose an immediate threat, call (619) 236-4250 during normal business hours.

Q: There is a problem with the Street light, traffic light, traffic sign, sidewalk, storm drain, pothole, etc. Who do I call?
A: The items listed above are responsibility of the City of San Diego. You can request services online at https://www.sandiego.gov/get-it-done or call (619) 527-7500.