District Delegate

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District Delegate

Serving Your Community - District Delegate

Represent your neighborhood. It is the mandated responsibility of a District Delegate to attend the Annual meeting held the second Monday in July and vote to fill open positions on the CMR RCA Board of Directors.

Each May/June notices go out to Homeowners for candidates and elections of delegates.

The owners of residential property elect delegates for their district by a simple majority vote who will then serve until replaced by another majority vote. In turn, the Delegates primary responsibility is to vote for the Board of Directors who serve two year terms. Currently there are five districts that are not represented. Apartment complexes can only be represented by the owner or property manager. If interested please fill out the CMR Candidate Information form and return.


Current Delegates (As of July 2022)
District Delegate
Belle Fleur Kay Han
Bluffs Scott Leslie
Bridgeport Larry Fontaine
Cambridge Vacant
Carmel Landing Adam West
Carmel Summit Apts. Adam West
Carmel Terrace Apts. Tara O'Connell
Carmel Trails William Carrol
Christopher Homes Geoff Barry
Collage Patrick Yepes
Cypress Greens Tim Holtzman
Fairway Village Bruce Bergman
Heritage Hill Vacant
il Palio William Carrol
Jefferson Apts. Debbie Lindberg - Manager
J.M. Peters Rob Helin
Marseilles Alan Hahn
Provencal Liesa Walker
Royal St. George Omid Arjomand
Summit Gary Brizard
Tapestry Devin Birch
Villaggio Roland Schmidt
Vista Montana Vacant
Walden Greens John Schroeder
Walden Terrace John Schroeder
Waterfield Laurels Andrea Boggia
Windham Larry Laske
Woodcrest Eric Bradley