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Serving Your Community

Serving Your Community
We welcome fresh faces and ideas to Carmel Mountain Ranch RCA. There are several ways to help support and give back to you community by serving with the CMR RCA. To qualify you need to be a homeowner in a unit in CMR RCA and be current with your dues.

Positions include:

Represent your neighborhood. Only mandated responsibility is to attend Annual meeting held second Monday in July and vote to fill open positions on the CMR RCA Board of Directors.
Represent the Board of Directors by processing MAC Application forms and ensure proposals comply with design guidelines. Recommendations for changes to design guidelines are also made from this committee.
Represent all of CMR RCA. Via property management company hold regular meetings to conduct the business of maintaining common areas, enforce rules, hear appeals, and update rules and regulations.
From time to time it becomes necessary to create a committee to handle situations. Committee are formed by the Board of Directors to make recommendations to the Board on matters facing CMR RCA. Currently there are no other active committees.