Board Actions

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Board Actions

Board Actions

07/03/2018 - The President of the HOA called an emergency executive meeting of the Board of Directors and met with the HOA attorneys at the offices at Epsten, Grinnell and Howell.

07/05/2018 - Walters sent an email blast and letter of concern to the membership acknowledging that the golf course was closing and indicating that a "town hall" meeting would be held.

07/07/2018 - The Board members met with the management of the golf course, at the golf course, to see if options were available. No options were available.

07/25/2018 - The President of the HOA called for a special meeting of the Board to address the formation of a Golf Course Committee to address the golf course closure (and other agenda items).

07/30/2018 - The Board met for the special meeting and unanimously voted to approve the Golf Course Committee.

07/30/2018 - The Board decided to have the "town hall" meeting on 08/20/2018 at 5:00 PM at the Carmel Mtn Ranch Golf Course. The Board, HOA attorney and City representation will be available for questions.

08/01/2018 - Walters sent the Golf Course Committee charter and candidate form to the membership via USPS.

08/14/2018 - Selected new Golf Course Committee members.

08/20/2018 - Held Town Hall meeting with Board, HOA attorney, City.

02/05/2019 - The President called a special executive meeting to review and discuss Golf Course options presented by the Golf Course Committee.

02/05/2019 - The Board voted unanimously not to pursue options to purchase the golf course. The Board voted to pursue legal options. 

04/09/2019 - The Board hired Everett L. DeLano for special legal counsel.

09/10/2019 - The Board approved a sub-section of the CMR RCA website to be dedicated to information relating to the Golf Course as advised by Management. 

10/08/2019 - The Board unanimously appointed Robert Sauer as a new member of the Golf Course Committee.

10/08/2019 - The Board is attempting to meet with the proposed new developer.



Q: Did the Board know the golf course was closing?

The Board heard that the golf course was closing in the same manner and at the same time as the rest of the community. The Board did not receive any prior notice that the golf course was closing.

Q: Did the golf course management ask the Board for help?

The golf course management did not ask the Board for any financial assistance. On occasion, the golf course management would ask Walters to notify the membership that the golf course was private property.



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