Calling All Homeowners

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  • Plan your remarks to last no longer than five minutes. Board members enjoy visiting with residents; however, the meeting agenda is always very full, and the five-minute limit ensures that all business gets conducted. this does not mean big issues cannot be presented. If your concern requires more time, please summarize it in five minutes, and the board will add it to the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Don't expect an immediate response. Board members don't act independently. All issues require discussion and sometimes a vote. Sometimes an immediate answer is possible, but it is just as likely that you will not get a response until after the meeting.
  • If you need information, call the manager. The purpose of the Homeowner Forum is for residents to share opinions and concerns with the Board. Residents seeking general information (like a status report on a project or the Board's position on an issue) can get a more immediate answer from the manager.

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