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      Give A Mouse A Cookie...         


Mice and Rats are pretty smart little creatures. They know how to work hard and they prepare in advance for the rough times. Rodents are so smart, in fact, that they will spend the autumn months making sure that they will be able to meet their most basic needs of food, water, and shelter over the cooler months.

Rodents know that once the cold winds begin to blow that these very precious commodities will be scarce, so they plan for that eventuality. By now, these resourceful creatures are most likely already

tucked away in some attic, basement, or wall void where they can remain nice and toasty warm all winter long and have access to all the food they can dream of right there in the kitchen cupboards or on the pantry shelves. They aren't too worried about water, either. They are well aware of that slow drip in the pipe inside the kitchen wall - a drip that you are not even aware of yet. And they are not worried one single little bit about what the winter holds because they are pretty well set up living the high life perhaps right inside your home.




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